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The New York City Department of Education Request for Bid for Evaluations (Assessments) is Here!

Why is the New York City Dept. of Education Bid so important to you for getting CSE/CPSE Evaluation cases?

The NYC Dept. of Ed releases a Request for Bid (RFB) for agencies to supply CSE and CPSE Special Education Evaluations (Assessments)
such as Audiological, Occupational, Physical, Speech/Language, Social Histories, Psychological, and more to mandated children in public and private schools. Any agency interested in securing this work submits a very important bid New York City Department of Education. The outcome of the bid determines which agencies will get to provide these evaluations in the various school regions in the fall of 2012, and the opportunity to renew for 3 more years.

Why should you “sign on”, “sign up”, and “fill out the form”?

The bidding process requires agencies to demonstrate they have enough qualified evaluators willing to cover the awarded work. Your sign-up sheet and license is the documentation needed to show the NYC Department of Education (DOE) your willingness to sign-on with the bidding agency and take cases under this important contract (Note: The Department of Education allows therapists to sign on with more than one agency provided they sign on an independent contractor or as an employee with a part time status).

Why should I sign on with All About Kids?

All About Kids is one of the largest provider Agencies of Evaluations & Therapy Services, and has over 23 years of experience in therapy placement. We understand the needs of ours therapists and thoroughly support their clinical practices. We have a well-developed relationship with the NYC DOE, and have held related service contracts for over ten years. We give you the opportunity to work in early intervention, CPSE, and CSE Programs, in the home, school, and community based setting. We offer competitive rates.

What if I have never worked for the public school system? Will you show me how?

Absolutely! Our Clinical Evaluation Supervisors will provide you with all the training and support you need for evaluations, billing, payment and documentation. We will also provide you with ongoing professional education to ensure you are able to deliver the best evaluation services possible. Our supervisors and managers will guide you and answer any of your clinical questions or concerns.
Assessment tools will be part of your training and a lending library of assessment tools will be available to you.

How Does This Help Me?

By signing up with All About Kids, you will not only gain invaluable experience in the districts we win, but you will also have access to our no cost seminars that will provide you with:

  • Continuing Education
  • Increases in your knowledge in school based evaluations
  • Keep you current and compliant with new NYC Education Regulations
  • Afford you peer networking opportunities

I’m in! What do I do next?

  • Download the Sign-up form by clicking on the link at the top of the page and be sure to fill-in all fields and submit it with a Sample Evaluation Report (Bilingual Certified Evaluators must include Sample Evaluation in the language they are certified in).

  • SUBMIT TO: HR Department