Our Program

All About KidsTM provides state-of-the-art quality diagnostic assessments, individualized treatment programs, and consultation services for children and students, from birth throughout school age, across the Autism Spectrum. Evaluation and intervention services are offered to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders within the:
  • Home
  • School
  • Community

We work collaboratively with families, caregivers, school districts, independent programs, and professionals to develop the most effective treatment programs for each child.

Experienced and Trained Professionals:

All About KidsTM has been committed to providing experienced and trained professionals in the field of Autism and Behavior Analysis for more than 10 years. Our therapists and educators have extensive training to ensure excellence in treatment.

All About KidsTM offers ongoing staff training in current research and educational applications in Applied Behavior Analysis.

All About KidsTM is an approved Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) Type 2 Continuing Education Unit provider.

Quality of Services:

All About Kids'TM
qualified personnel closely monitors each educational program for effectiveness and adherence to State and municipality program regulations and policies; this ensures regulatory compliance, as well as excellence in treatment, and a cohesive team approach.

Our Professional Structure Within Our Autism & Behavioral Services Program Includes:

The quality of our ABA services are closely monitored through program and field supervision and ongoing consultation by BCBA’s/BCaBA’s, and Experienced Team Leaders

  • Regional Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program Field Supervisors
  • Consulting Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA's)
  • Applied Behavior Analysis Team Leaders
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Teachers and Therapists
Our Regional Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program Field Supervisors are New York State Certified Special Educators, with many years of successful experience developing and implementing effective strategies for children on the Autism Spectrum. They ensure teachers have received training and there is consistent implementation of assessment and program policies and procedures.

Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Team Leaders are New York State Certified Special Educators with two or more years of demonstrated successful experience implementing ABA procedures. They monitor clinicians for consistent implementation of programming across team members, lead monthly team meetings at the child's home, provide family training, develop data-based goals and monitor/modify curriculum programs to target the needs of the individual child.

Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Teachers and Therapists are New York State Certified Special Educators with demonstrated success as teachers and competency in ABA training (i.e., Introduction to ABA, Discrete Trial Training, Verbal Behavior, and Assessment). They work directly with children and regularly communicate with ABA Team Leaders and families on topics such as child specific progress and issues.

All About Kids'TM
Applied Behavior Analysis Program meets the ABA Program competency requirements mandated by specific counties. Although not required, many of our teachers additionally have or are completing their BCBA or BCABA.

All About Kids'TM
Applied Behavior Analysis Program meets the ABA Program competency requirements mandated by specific counties. Although not required, many of our teachers additionally have or are completing their BCBA or BCABA.

Quality Diagnostic Assessments:

All About Kids'TM
comprehensive Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluations are performed by a team of qualified personnel with prior diagnostic experience in the field of Pervasive Developmental Disorders. Differential diagnoses are made by licensed, Doctoral level Psychologists based on the criteria outlined in the DSM IV-R. Highly specialized diagnostic instruments are utilized within a complete assessment of each child's skills and include the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS), and/or the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS).

Individualized Treatment Programs:

All About KidsTM
uses the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to develop individualized programs for children, in order to allow them to reach their social, communicative, and educational potential and to promote the ability for them to live life to the fullest extent possible in their home and community environments. Treatment is based heavily on functional assessments, data, and family and teacher input. In addition to following the guidelines of a child's Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) or Individualized Educational Program (IEP), a comprehensive screening is done using the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills-Revised (ABLLS-R), and other tools, as well as, a parent and/or teacher intake interview to assist in designing an ABA program as individual as each child.

Our Methodologies of Instruction include, but are not limited to:

Verbal Behavior:

As children with Autism Spectrum Disorders typically have communication delays, a heavy emphasis is placed on Verbal Behavior (VB). Verbal behavior is an ABA principle that focuses upon language development within natural, academic, and functional settings. B.F. Skinner's analysis of Verbal Behavior (1959) and verbal operants are used to teach children how to request (mand) items, activities, help, etc., using what is called motivating and establishing operants (MO's and EO's). This allows for the development and facilitation of interest in children to interact with adults and other children.

Documented Maintenance and Generalization of Skills:

All About Kids'TM
firmly believes that the ability to maintain and generalize learned skills is the backbone of a successful program. Skills are not considered mastered until generalized into the everyday activities and routines in the home, community and/or school setting. Emphasis is placed not only on teaching using Discrete Trial Training (DTT), but also teaching all skills during "incidental" or "natural environment" teaching time.

All About Kids'TM programs include planning, systematic teaching, and data collection for the generalization of skills across people, contexts, locations and/or settings that naturally occur within a child's day. This includes (when appropriate) our team of providers and consultants conferencing, modeling, and the coaching of family members, teachers and peers in home, school and community settings.

Family Involvement and Training:

All About KidsTM
recognizes that parent involvement and participation plays an important role in the success of a child's treatment program. Family members play a key role in the development of goals for the child so we can better serve the child and family. Our experienced Team Leaders or Program Supervisors provide parent training and regularly meet with the family to ensure that families understand their child's diagnosis and programs. They also provide consultation on how to best utilize strategies with the child at home in order to optimally meet the goals of the child and family. Our providers attend team meetings to promote continuity; assuring programs are in unison and collaborate with the family's needs.