Evaluation Process

After you contact your district, the Committee on Preschool Special Education or CPSE will provide you with a list of evaluation sites approved by the New York State Education Department and under contract with your local county. As a parent, you will be asked to select an evaluation site and sign a consent form to have your child receive a multidisciplinary evaluation at no out-of-pocket cost.

The evaluations are a comprehensive examination by qualified personnel of your child's skills, strengths, and needs in order to determine current levels of functioning. This will give the CPSE the information necessary to determine if your child is eligible for preschool special education services. Information about your child is gathered through testing and an observation of your child in his or her own preschool or typical childcare setting. Parent participation and report during the evaluation process is critical to having an accurate and typical picture of your child.

In addition, a Health Assessment Report Form, completed by your child's pediatrician, is required. Once the Health Assessment Report Form and evaluations are complete, as the parent, you will receive a copy of the evaluations.

You will then be invited to attend a Committee on Preschool Special Education meeting to discuss the evaluation results and eligibility of your child. At your child's CPSE meeting, you are a member of the committee and you may invite anyone else whose input you feel can assist you in providing support or information regarding the needs of your child.